Homestead hosting and SiteBuilder

Hosting is $253 per year for a Business Package, which I recommend. This includes: Use of over a million royalty free images, 1 personalized domain, 3 websites, 100 pages, blog, 5GB storage, 100 GB bandwidth per month, 10 subdomains, and 5 email boxes. The account is large enough to allow you to host additional business websites on your account or personal websites at no extra cost. Also available: smaller no-frill website deals.

I have been very satisfied with Homestead and use their program regularly. Even with a do-it-yourself site there is a plenty to learn if you want something more personal than a generic template and Homestead charges quite a lot more than I do for their custom design services. I'll work with you until we are BOTH satisfied to create something that uniquely reflects you and your business.
NYC - rainy street / mixed media
Carousel Horse / photo
Downtown Milwaukee / digital photo
Milwaukee Riverwalk / mixed media
Engine Closeup / photo
St Josephat Bastillica / photo
Gallery style photos with optional on images for larger view and slide show.  Excellent for showing close up details.

Contact me about pricing and any other questions 
~ No Obligation ~ 
MY FEE: $125 per page (3 page / $375 minimum) 
**could be higher depending on complexity of 
design and amount of content.

What we will discuss at initial meeting...
  • How many pages and how to distribute info: home/welcome, about/bio, services, links, contact, schedule, events, etc.
  • Color choices for backgrounds, fonts, text, header, etc. This is my design work, but your input is welcome.
  • Concepts for look and feel of site: sleek, clean, professional, warm, retro, funky, informative, etc.

What YOU need to provide...
  • Open an account with Homestead (see link above)
  • ​Suppy text content: bio, intro paragraph, descriptions of services or products, catchy sales pitch for main page. 
  • ​Photos: the best quality possible, logo if you have one. These can inspire the color palette and look of the site.